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With so much going on  during your event, it's easy to miss out on those spontaneous moments of fun that make real memories. Don't miss out! Minibooths is designed to help you create and capture those moments. 

What Makes Us Different

Unlimited Use

Unlike other Photo Booth companies we do not put a limit on how many pictures you and your guests take or how many you print at the end of the day. Walk away with High Definition digital copies with your password protected online gallery.

We Care

One thing we feel strongly about is engaging in our community and giving back. That's why we offer special low-cost options to non-profit and charity organizations. Because we believe everyone should be able to have a kickass photo booth, especially those who already give so much for others. Inquire today to see if you qualify and how Minibooths can serve you. 

Customizable Packages

Elevate your photos to the next level with our collection of props. Pick your templates, backdrops, and monogram all without any additional costs.

What Clients Say

"The photo booth pictures came out so well! The scrapbook was the first thing we looked through after the wedding was over and it was great!"


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